money hacks in the GTA Online

How GTA 5 1.10 Patch Deal with the Vehicle Copies and Money Hacks in Grand Theft Auto Online

GTA 5 1.10 patch aims to remove vehicle copies and money hacks in the GTA Online. The Segment Next report, which was published on the 19th February, claimed that there is still one hack that the patch fails to tackle. It takes two players to implement the hack. The hack involved the use of a bicycle and sticky bomb. To make the hack work, the bomb must kill one of the players. The other player is to drive the car for some time. The two players will make money by selling the car to the vehicle mod shop. The final step is to call the mechanic to send the copy vehicle back to their garage. Players can earn a large sum of money by implementing this hack again and again. The slideshow to the left provides a number of screeenshots on the Grand Theft Auto 5. You can also find the screenshot of the instructions that are published on the Segment Next website in the slideshow. Rockstar Games will be launching a new GTA 5 Online hack patch to fix the current bug issues. They have put some limitations on the gift options so that one cannot send too much money to another player. In addition, they have shut down the server so that they could remove the illicit in-game currency in the accounts. It is estimated that over 70% of the players in Grand Theft Auto 5 have experiences in playing GTA Online for at least one time. This makes GTA Online an incredibly successful Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 multiplayer game.

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